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Hush House



The Hush House Black World Museum and Leadership Training Institute for Human Rights was awarded The Martin Luther King Community Leadership Award by Wayne State University on January 19, 2009 at the Max Fischer Music Hall in Detroit.

Wayne State's Office of Government and Community Affairs selected Hush House because "it represents the dedication and commitment of long time Detroiters to create inter-generational discussions that transform despair into hope. Hush House represents the best of developing new grassroots leadership and works on a day to day basis to give young people a sense of history and a sense of hope. Hush House fills a vital role in reminding us all of the dignity and value of all of our neighbors."

The Hush House offers leadership training, programs for homeless and low income families, space for community meetings and operates a community black world history museum. Please call to schedule a tour or to book the traveling museum.

The Simmons' are educators who have more than 30 years of teaching experience in higher education. Their exhibit is complete with teaching modules that can be used as in-service tools for teaching staff.

Their teaching modules are also available to supplement history/social and cultural studies programming. Their teaching modules also provide a critical thinking and a 7 week writing component that teaches writers to produce a critical piece of writing.

Their exhibit has been displayed in schools, churches, community centers as well as some of the most prestigious venues in the country.

Educational programming also provided on site in the museum!


Please call for more information or email us: 313 896.2521



The Hush House Black World Community Museum and Leadership Training Inst. for Human Rights
6179 Wabash . Detroit, MI 48208 .  (313) 896-2521