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Hush House

“Who shall let this world be beautiful?  Who shall restore to men the glory of sunsets
and the peace of quiet sleep?”  ~ WEB Dubois, 1926


W.E.B. Dubois’ questions are the challenge that The Hush House has taken up and inspires our mission, as Dubois charged: “…to begin this great work of the creation of beauty, of the preservation of beauty of the realization of beauty.” Our mission is birthed by the community, in the community and through community collaboration. Our collective vision

demands that we never loose sight of hope; for it is through hope that we “see things as though they were.” And it is because we collectively choose the beauty of hope that our collaborative visions of “creation,” “preservation” and “realization,” inspire  replicable solutions as our “great work” to improve the lives of everyday people, like you, like us.

We are located in one of the poorest post industrial communities of Detroit, MI. USA.  In this space of  deep depravation and divine possibility, The Hush House brings together communities of experience constituted by regular people who we meet every day, people like you, people like us. Together, we become the solution to every challenge that works to diminish our humanity through our quality of living.


We are educators and community advocates who are committed to global community building as it relates to social, education, economic and environmental justice.


Wayne State Gives MLK Award

to Local Organization


A small local organization wins big honors for its huge community contribution. As FOX 2's Amy Lange shows us, Wayne State paid tribute to Hush House with an award named for a civil rights legend.


The Hush House Black World Community Museum and Leadership Training Inst. for Human Rights
6179 Wabash . Detroit, MI 48208 .  (313) 896-2521