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Free Yoga at Hush House

What is yoga?

Yoga is a Hindu discipline aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight

and tranquility that is achieved through the three, mind, body and spirit.  A system of exercises practiced

as part of the Hindu discipline to promote control of the body and mind.


Benefits of yoga and mediation

Increase flexibility
Increase lubrication of joints
Complete detoxification
Excellent toning of muscles
Improves general health
Increase blood flow and slows heart rate
Reduces anxiety 
Helps chronic diseases like arthritis


In a practical response to ongoing Hush projects (Social/Restorative /Environmental and Education Justice) , we are also  responding directly to the overwhelming needs of people, many children and elderly, in this community of Northwest/Goldberg, who are living with limited or no energy or water or both!  As always, we endeavor to develop responses to these needs by developing replicable models that will ultimately work to help create and strengthen community.


Children’s Herb Garden:

The Literacy of the Peaceful Garden


The Peaceful Garden Program teaches students how to garden as a community collective. The program inspires students by teaching them how to incorporate a home garden yield by incorporating it in everyday healthy eating. Students will learn that healthy eating includes live and cooked vegetables, fruits and rices.


The objective of this 7 week project is to create a youth community garden of herbs that will be used during the summer in featured healthy cooking presentations; youth will also read and have discussions about how herbs are used as natural medicine and how to dry herbs for tea. In part 2 of the Peaceful Garden project that begins in September, 2009, youth will harvest herbs, dry them and prepare and package teas. During the same program, youth will learn basics on how to sell their teas online. They will also learn some introductions to rules of making a business plan; Volunteers from Junior Achievement and Community Businesses will be guest speakers and workshop leaders.


Volunteers: Americorps Vista, Hush House Leadership and Mc Michael Middle School Staff will partner- in Ecological Literacy: Groups will read about herbal gardeners and participate in talks and write short stories about their experiences as new gardeners, as herbalists and eating new types of foods.  Americorps Vista staff will organize the speaking engagements, reading materials and edit stories to be published in Hush Your Mouth  Media.


In Part 2 of the Program, to be held in the fall, students will participate in writing articles to encourage other youth in the areas of gardening, healthy eating and food preparation; with proper permission, they may also participate in a film project that records their entrepreneur development.



Healthy Cookin’ with Hush Power Program! 

Hush staff and visiting Cooks will prepare featured healthy low cost meals. A 6 week project


This is an outdoor cooking workshop that will demonstrate the use of various  fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and non-white rice’s. All cooked recipes will employ the use of  featured heat methods to demonstrate the safe use  of alternative (non electric, non gas) cooking methods. Participants will learn to read, write and create recipes for healthy living!



The Field of Vision Dreams and Hope Program 

Summer Program 8 weeks

A Reading, Writing and ecological restoration project


In this 8 week program participants will participate in age appropriate reading and writing that will inspire them to adopt quotes that they will transfer onto posters that will be used to create a labyrinth of vision, dreams and hope.


Volunteers: The Hush House, Mc Michael Middle Summer School, The Matrix,  EarthWorks, Detroit Artist Village, and others.


Fall Program 8 weeks


  • Poetry and Paint Programming Children 


  • Building Hope writing project

            Creating  an inscribed walking path

            Inscribing Doorways of Hope

            Painting Visions and Dreams Poster Project


Winter Programming:

Carols, Ice rink; Prayer: Poetry



Strictly Literacy@Hush Projects:

All teams will be divided equitably based on the number of volunteers; Americorps Vista volunteers may be joined by Hush House volunteer staff, City of Hope, and others; all staff will be supervised by Hush House Leadership Staff and Hush House Administrative Staff. Volunteers will also be directed by Americorps Vista.


The Johnny Wright Team-Team A-

This team will create an electronic  card catalogue system for all museum books, music and audio holdings located and stored at Hush House 1 and 2 (6179 and 6185 Wabash).


The Robert Williams Team-Team B-

This team will create an  electronic card catalogue system for all museum exhibit panels and all museum artifacts.


The President Ellen Johnson Sirlef Team-Team C-

This team will create a card catalogue system, re-package and distribute books for all Liberian Literacy Project books housed at King Solomon Baptist Church.


The Georgia Ann Lee Team-Team D-

This team will work in rotation as tutors to support the writing within the literacy component of the Herb Garden Project and the Field of Vision, Dreams and Hope Project, Cookin’ with Hush Power Project.


The T. S. Boone Team-Team E-

This team will collect and catalogue historical data of King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church for the National Historic Register of historical places.





We are still collecting donations for women and children living in abandoned buildings and families living without water or heat and little food. Monetary donations are urgently needed. We also need the following for immediate distribution:
Canned Heat; heating tray holders and trays (the type used for catering)
Large containers of bottled water
Bucket pails
Pine sol/Lysol type disinfectants
Garbage bags/kitchen bags
Soup, can openers
Paper goods
Electric coffee urns (used as small hot water tanks!)
Heavy plastic sheeting; medium nails; hammers; duct tape (Home Depot carries sheeting)
Heaters (new or in really good condition) electric/kerosene
Propane cook stoves/furnaces
Health/hygiene: toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, body oils, hair care products (esp. for children)
Children's cold syrup, non-aspirin pain meds
Gloves, scarves, coats (please tag with sizes-clean please)
Survival grade mats (the type used for hunting and camping)
Please call for more information: 313 896 2521
Thank you for all that you do.
Peace and Love, Baba Charles and Mama Sandra.
Directors of The Hush House Black Community Exhibit and Leadership Training Institute for Human Rights

The Hush House Black World Community Museum and Leadership Training Inst. for Human Rights
6179 Wabash . Detroit, MI 48208 .USA.  (313) 896-2521