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Hush House
Black World Community Museum and
Leadership Training Institute for Human Rights


Hush House


In a practical response to ongoing Hush projects (Social/Restorative /Environmental and Education Justice) , we are also responding  directly to the overwhelming needs of people, many children and elderly, in this community of Northwestgoldberg, who are living with limited or no energy or water or both!  As always, we endeavor to develop responses to these needs by developing replicable models that will ultimately work to help create and strengthen community.


We are still collecting donations for women and children living in abandoned buildings and families living without water or heat and little food. Monetary donations are urgently needed. We also need the following for immediate distribution:
Canned Heat; heating tray holders and trays (the type used for catering)
Large containers of bottled water
Bucket pails
Pine sol/Lysol type disinfectants
Garbage bags/kitchen bags
Soup, can openers
Paper goods
Electric coffee urns (used as small hot water tanks!)
Heavy plastic sheeting; medium nails; hammers; duct tape (Home Depot carries sheeting)
Heaters (new or in really good condition) electric/kerosene
Propane cook stoves/furnaces
Health/hygiene: toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, body oils, hair care products (esp. for children)
Children's cold syrup, non-aspirin pain meds
Gloves, scarves, coats (please tag with sizes-clean please)
Survival grade mats (the type used for hunting and camping)
Please call for more information: 313 896 2521
Thank you for all that you do.
Peace and Love, Baba Charles and Mama Sandra.
Directors of The Hush House Black Community Exhibit and Leadership Training Institute for Human Rights

The Hush House Black World Community Museum and Leadership Training Inst. for Human Rights
6179 Wabash . Detroit, MI 48208 .  (313) 896-2521